How do I add UPC codes to my eBay listings?

John -

In order for sellers to associate their products with the eBay catalog, they must now include GTINs in listings that have been mandated to include them.

GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) are unique product codes. They can be:

  • UPC - Universal Product Code 
  • EAN - European Article Number 
  • ISBN - International Standard Book Number

Please see below on how to add them in Woocommerce.

Simple product

A simple, or  single-variant, product has one GTIN associated with it. It can be set up as a custom product attribute. The name of the attribute must be either UPC, EAN or ISBN:



Variable Product

A variable, or multi-variant, product has GTIN associated with each variation. 

Each variant needs its own value in the product custom attribute:


Once created, go to the Variations tab you and assign a GTIN to each variant:


Once done, click on 'Save and sync to eBay' for the changes to appear on your eBay product listing.



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