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The inventory section is one of the most frequently accessed components of eBay Sync. The inventory section displays a list of all of the products on Sync which are pulled from your CSV file. This section will provide an overview of your product's status - whether they're Blocked, Inactive or Active, whether they're encountering any type of listing errors as well as their regular price. For a more detailed overview of a product, you also have the ability to select a product which will open a pane displaying additional information without navigating you out of the Inventory page.

Inventory can be found within eBay Sync > Inventory.


The filtering tool can be accessed by selecting the "Filter" button on the top right hand side of the page. Filter provides a quick and easy way to view your inventory based on a variety of different individual filters including their visibility, whether they're encountering any errors or by product category.

Bulk Actions

Currently bulk actions are limited to changing the status of items in your inventory and category mapping.

To execute a bulk action, select the check box on the top left hand side of the panel, this will select all of the visible items on the page. You also have the ability to select multiple products by selecting each checkbox individually. After you have selected the these products, click the visibility drop down menu. From here you can either bulk map the selected items or change the status of items.



Active status means that the item is actively listing on eBay and is available for purchase. To get your item to active status, wait for eBay Sync to automatically move your item from inactive to the active status. Alternatively you can select the applicable item and when the right hand product details pane appears, select "Sync to eBay". It may take some time for the status to change from inactive to active. A page refresh may be required to see the status of the item change.

By default all of your items will start with the inactive status. On the first import of an item, items that are inactive will not be on eBay yet until their status becomes active. Items may not automatically change from inactive to active because there are errors preventing the item from listing or because the item is out of stock.

If you temporarily want to prevent an item from being purchased, you can change the status of the item from active to inactive. This will make the item go out of stock and will not be able to be found from buyers until the item is active again.

Blocking an item will ensure that eBay Sync will not list the item to eBay and make it available to buyers. Changing an item from active to blocked will end the listing on eBay. Keep in mind that if you end an active listing, you will lose your selling history for that item. Generally you will only want to block an item if you no longer have that item in your catalog. It's recommended that if you temporarily want to make an item unavailable, you can set the item to inactive.

Changing Product Status

Status New Status Allowed Notes
Items will automatically change from inactive to active status if there are no errors.
To list a blocked item, you will need to change the status to inactive. eBay Sync will then automatically list that item to eBay assuming there are no errors.

Listing Errors

While using eBay Sync, you may encounter errors due to not mapping a product or not completing a mandatory field. The inventory section provides an overview of these errors and which items are affected. By mousing over the error icon, eBay Sync will provide what type of error the listing is encountering. In some cases you may need to open the product details pane to view more information about the error.

If you encounter a listing error before the item has listed and the status is inactive, the status will not go to active until the error is resolved. Listing errors can occur even after you have listed a product. If a listing error occurs when a listing is on eBay, Sync will set that item as out of stock on eBay and change the status of the item to inactive. Until you resolve the listing error, the item will inactive.

Product Details Pane

The Product Details pane displays most of the product's information, including the image of the product, pricing, status, item title, category it has been applied to, the shipping rule associated with the product and it's description. The Product Details pane will also display a more detailed overview of what errors and warnings the listing is encountering.




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