Why aren't my images appearing on eBay?

Zac -

Gallery Images not appearing

  1. Sometimes HTTPS images may not display properly on eBay. Selecting "Automatically convert HTTPS images to HTTP" under Store Admin may fix the image these image problems

  2. Please ensure that your images meet the guidelines set out by eBay
  3. It's possible that some products and their images may not have synchronised properly with eBay. Resyncing the affected items may fix the issue

  4. CMYK colour spacing currently isn't supported on the search results page. Ensure that JPG images you want to display are RGB colour spaced not CMYK

  5. Ensure that you don't have hotlink protection enabled on your site. A variety of WordPress security plugins this as an option that you will need disabled

  6. Additionally, ensuring that the plugin is up to date could prevent this issue from occurring as the plugin is updated regularly
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