What can eBay Sync do?

Martin Style -

eBay Sync is a powerful integration tool. It provides many features that will make your life easier, such as:

  • Set an eBay refund policy
  • Set multiple eBay shipping policies
  • Set a stock buffer for your eBay listings
  • Set a dynamic eBay price adjustment
  • Create eBay title optimisation rules
  • Map WooCommerce products and categories to eBay categories, with smart category suggestions
  • Map WooCommerce custom attributes to eBay item specifics
  • Custom interface to manage eBay inventory
  • Block products from being synchronised to eBay
  • Custom product Page
  • Client and Server-Side Validations
  • Customised eBay description and automated template options
  • Real-time and scheduled inventory synchronisations
  • Receive orders from eBay and update orders' shipping information
  • Automatically resize images to fit eBay's picture requirements
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