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The Store Admin section within eBay Sync allows you to view configuration information and modify global rules for your store.

Store admin can be found within eBay Sync > Settings > Store admin.


This section offers information about your configuration of:

  • eCommerce store URL: The external URL address of your WordPress site. This will be used by eBay to inform your store of new orders. You can use the Refresh button if you change the site address.
  • Currency: Your WooCommerce configured currency
  • Timezone: Your WooCommerce configured timezone

The fields that you have the ability configure:

  • Refresh product feed: How often your inventory synchronises with eBay. It's recommended that you keep this setting hourly
  • Minimum stock buffer: The number of inventory items you want to keep exclusively for your WooCommerce, this will prevent products from overselling
  • Store price adjustment: From here you are able to adjust the pricing on all eBay listings by increasing/decreasing as a percentage or dollar value
  • Default stock level: If you don't manage stock on WooCommerce eBay Sync will not be able to send your products across to eBay. This rule will only apply to products that don't have managed stock. This will maintain your stock availability until mark a product as out of stock within WooCommerce. If your product has variations, the default stock level will not be able to be applied
  • Automatically create custom item specifics
  • Automatically convert HTTPS images to HTTP: eBay requires image URLs to be HTTP


Logging is an important tool for troubleshooting any issues you may encounter.

From here there are two fields:

  • Enable logs
  • Clear my logs: Schedule an auto-cleanup of your logs. Logs can grow quite large over time if left unattended

To access the logs go to eBay Sync > Logs.


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