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The settings section within eBay Sync displays your connection status as well as the eBay user ID and PayPal account that's used for orders. The settings page also provides a gateway to store customisation, Shipping, Returns and Store admin.

Settings can be found with eBay Sync > Settings.

Account settings

Reconnecting your eBay store

eBay Sync requires you to reconnect your store every 6 months as a security precaution. Sometimes reconnecting to your eBay store can resolve connection issues between your WordPress installation and eBay. 

To reconnect your store, follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Reconnect to your eBay store" button
  2. Sign in
  3. Grant application access to eBay Marketplace

Customise store

Customise store provides you with the basic tools you need to personalise your eBay store. In this section you have the ability to upload a store logo, use only short descriptions as well as the ability to create a custom template.

Custom template

If you want to change the default template we apply to listings by default or you have your own template you wish to use, you can change the product template by selecting "Use custom template". This will open a text field which you can edit, unticking the checkbox will revert back to using the default template.


The shipping section allows you to create your custom shipping rules for eBay, please see this article for a more detailed overview of shipping:

Article: Shipping


Buyers are more comfortable shopping with sellers who accept returns, even though most buyers will never return an item. We've found that items that have clear return policies typically sell better than items that don't.

All sellers on eBay are required to specify a return policy, whether the policy is to accept returns or not. We encourage you to offer a buyer-friendly return policy. A generous return policy can help you qualify for eBay Premium Service and attract more buyers. If you sell on eBay as a business, you also have obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

There a five options for the returns policy:

Returns accepted

Yes: You accept returns for eBay Sync listed items
No: No returns are accepted for eBay Sync listed items

Refund option

Money back: You allow refunds for items that are applicable for returns
Exchange: You allow exchanges for items
Merchandise credit: Credit the buyer for items that are applicable for returns

Return costs are paid by

Buyer: Buyer pays for the cost of shipping
Seller: Seller pays for the cost of shipping

Return within

Amount of time you allow the buyer to initiate the returns process

Additional notes

Additional information about your returns policy

Store admin

The Store admin section provides you with configuration information as well as additional configuration options for eBay Sync. See this article for a more information about the Store admin section:

Article: Store admin

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