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The inventory section of the plugin is one of the most frequently accessed parts of the plugin. The inventory section displays a list of all of the products on eBay Sync, which are pulled from your WooCommerce store. This section will provide an overview of your product's status - whether they're visible or invisible on eBay, whether they're encountering any type of listing errors, their Regular Price, Sale Price and eBay Price.

Inventory also displays the product's primary image and stock keeping unit (SKU). For a more detailed overview of a product you also have the ability to select a product which will navigate you to the product page.

Inventory can be found within eBay Sync > Inventory.


The filtering tool can be accessed by selecting the "Filter" button on the top right hand side of the plugin. Filter provides a quick and easy way to view your inventory based on a variety of different individual filters including their visibility, whether they're encountering any errors or by product category. 

Bulk Actions

Executing bulk actions on the eBay Sync inventory section of the plugin is limited to toggling their visibility.

To execute a bulk action, select the check box on the top left hand side of the panel, this will select all of the visible items on the page. You also have the ability to select multiple products by selecting each checkbox individually. After you have selected the these products, click the visibility drop down menu. From here you can select "On" or "Off" - this will determine whether you want your items visible on eBay or not visible on eBay.


The visibility switch determines whether you want your items displayed on eBay or not. By having the switch set to on, your items will appear on eBay (if they don't have listing errors - see below). Setting the visibility to off means that your item will not be listed to eBay and if the item is listed, the item will be ended.

Listing Error

While using eBay Sync, you may encounter errors due to not mapping a product or not completing a mandatory field. The inventory section provides an overview of these errors and which items are affected. By mousing over the error icon, eBay Sync will provide what type of error the listing is encountering. In some cases you may need to navigate to the Product Details page to view more information about the error.

Product Details Page

The Product Details Page displays most of the product's information, including the image of the product, pricing, visibility, item title, category it has been applied to, the shipping rule associated with the product and it's description. The product page will also display a more detailed overview of what errors and warnings the listing is encountering.

From the Product Details Page you can also select the "Sync to eBay" button which will quickly update the listing on eBay. Selecting "Edit Product" will navigate you to the WooCommerce edit product page if you need to make any changes to the product through WooCommerce.

Product Overview

The product overview section at the top of the Product Page displays the product's image, the title of the product as set in WooCommerce, the regular price, sale price, eBay price, eBay Item ID (if listed to eBay) and whether it's visible.

Item title

The Item title panel below the product overview section displays the title as set within WooCommerce and the title as displayed on eBay. In this section you have the ability to apply a title rule you have previously created in the title optimisation section on an individual product level. From the item title page you also have the ability to navigate to the title optimisation component of the plugin. 

Item image

The item image found on the left hand side of the product page displays the primary image as shown on eBay. This image can be changed by accessing the WooCommerce Edit product page.

Images Below 500x500px

As eBay has a minimum image requirement for listings, the plugin will automatically resize the image to the minimum image listing requirements. This feature is available on eBay Sync v1.99 and higher and is enabled by default. 

Note: Disabling this feature in Store admin will automatically end any live listings that are below eBay's minimum image requirements.


The categories section displays what category the product is mapped to on WooCommerce and the corresponding eBay category. From here you also have the ability to individually map the product to a specified eBay category. 


If your product has variations, this panel will be visible. This panel will display each variation and its unique SKU along with its regular, sale and eBay price. The name of the variation as displayed on eBay is also visible on the right hand column.


This panel will display the standard and express shipping price for the product. Selecting "Edit shipping options" will navigate you to the shipping rules page on eBay Sync. To apply an existing rule from the shipping settings without leaving the product page, select the appropriate shipping rule from the shipping options drop down and click "Save".

Item descriptions

Item description displays the description pulled from the WooCommerce description field. This is the field that will be used on eBay if you haven't selected the "Use eBay Description" checkbox. If you do have a custom eBay description field, the description as displayed on eBay will appear in this section.


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