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The Dashboard panel on eBay Sync displays a high level overview of your store. This panel displays what tasks are left to complete and the orders that have been made from products listed through eBay Sync.

Dashboard can be found within eBay Sync > Dashboard.

To do list

The To do list provides an overview of what tasks are left to complete, including category mapping, which products have listing errors and which products have listing errors.


The orders section of the plugin displays all of the orders made from eBay Sync's synchronised products. The orders screen by default will show you the past weeks worth of orders, although you have the ability to toggle the view to today, month or year's worth of orders.

Total number of orders, the average order value and total revenue is also visible from this panel. Selecting "View orders" will navigate you to the WooCommerce order section.

eBay Store Overview

The eBay Store Overview section of the plugin displays a visual of the total amount of products in eBay Sync, the amount of products that are actively listing to eBay, the products that aren't listed (due to errors or having their visibility toggled to off) and the amount of products that have been blocked.

Store Limits

Store the store limits section displays how many products are on eBay Sync and how many you are allowed to list. The Value section displays the value of all of your products while also showing your current store limit. Select the "Request a limit increase" button to request a raise in your store limits.

What are Store Limits?

You may have limits placed on your account or on particular categories and items until you confirm certain information or establish a positive selling history. These limits help you become a more successful seller, in addition to ensuring a safer experience for all eBay members.

For more information about store limits go to http://pages.ebay.com.au/help/sell/sellinglimits.html

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