Setup Guide

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  1. Select eBay Sync on the left hand WordPress Dashboard menu

  2. Click I agree if you agree with eBay Sync’s Terms of Use

    You should be sent to the Settings page

  3. Select the Connect button under “Connect eBay Sync to your eBay account”

  4. Sign in and agree to granting application access to eBay Marketplace

    This will allow the plugin to communicate with eBay. Once you grant access you will be sent back to the Account settings page

  5. Select Next and you should be sent to the customise store page

Customise store

  1. Choose a store logo either by using a URL of a self-hosted image or by dropping/selecting a file from your computer

  2. Decide whether you want to always use short description and whether you want to change the default template. Save and select Next once you’re done

Shipping and returns

  1. Time to set up your shipping rule, this will be applied to all of your listings by default. You can add, change and remove this later. Save and select Next

  2. Set up your returns rule, this will also be applied to all of your listings by default

    Once you have saved and selected Next you will be sent to the Mapping page


  1. Select the WooCommerce categories you want to map by clicking the check box and finding the eBay equivalent category

  2. Once you have mapped your categories, select Sync to eBay. This will start synchronising all of your items. Keep in mind that this process may take some time depending on how large your catalogue is
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