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eBay Sync provides simple tool to set up your shipping rules for eBay. These rules can be applied on a product by product basis, category or applied to products by default.

Shipping rules can be found within eBay Sync > Settings > Shipping.

Setting up shipping rules

Setting a shipping rule as default will apply the rule to all products and categories that haven't already been assigned a shipping rule.

If you want to create a shipping rule specific to a category type; select the "Create new shipping rule" button in the top right hand corner. Set your handling time, standard and express shipping (if applicable) and select the cog in the corner.

Select "Add category", a drop down menu will appear, select the category you want to apply the rule to. You will be able to apply multiple categories to a single rule and these categories can also be removed by selecting the "x" button.

Following the same steps above, you will also be able apply shipping rules on a product by product basis. You can create as many shipping rules as need with this tool to cater to all of your products in WooCommerce.

Advanced shipping customisation on eBay

Currently the customisation you can make for shipping rules within eBay Sync are quite limited, although there are some more changes you can make from eBay's front-end.

Business policies

eBay's payment, postage and shipping rules are known as business policies, the table below displays which types of postage are supported by the eBay Sync plugin:

Postage Domestic International
Flat postage rule
Calculated postage rule
No postage (pickup)

Business policies can be accessed by going to eBay > My eBay > Account > Business policies

Combined Payments and Postage Discounts

Postage Combined postage discounts Promotional postage rule Insurance rule
Flat postage rule
Calculated postage rule

Postage rate tables

Rate type Domestic

How to apply a rate table to your eBay Sync shipping rule

  1. Find the name of the shipping rule that you want to apply rate table to:

  2. Navigate to eBay > My eBay > Account > Business policies

  3. Find the corresponding postage rule:

  4. Select "Edit" scroll down and select "Create/Edit rate tables"

  5. Set your domestic postage rate type (Item/Weight/Surcharge)

  6. Set your standard and expedited rates, select "Apply"

  7. Tick the "Apply domestic postage rate table" box > Save

The new rate table will now be applied to your products on eBay.

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